About our Company

The Energy of Kessels & Smit

Kessels & Smit supports clients in government, business, healthcare, culture, education and social profit with their individual, organisational and social development challenges. The key to 'big' questions is not only in systems. It's mainly in people. Development of each organisation or group therefore goes hand in hand with personal growth and strong cooperation.


Our origins

We owe our name to Joseph Kessels and Cora Smit, who started their collaboration in 1977. Kessels & Smit started from a strong educational orientation. Some of the tools and approaches developed then are still in use today, such as the eight-field model for designing learning programmes and Development Centers for personal development.


Our work has evolved, along with the development of our profession as well as our own growth and ambitions. In addition to powerful learning programmes, we now offer strategic advice on the direction and structure of organisations and work with clients on leadership, innovation, cooperation, healthy organisations and social entrepreneurship. Topics that we feel belong well together.


A learning company

We call ourselves The Learning Company because:

  • designing and facilitating powerful learning processes is the core of what we do.
  • we want to be good company for each other and for our clients – the best solutions come from cooperation and partnership.
  • we are always learning, both in the sense of growing our craftsmanship as learning consultants and in developing our organisation.


Our organisation

Kessels & Smit is a group of independent consultants who jointly own the company. Because together we feel connected in how we think and what we want. Our organisation is not static, but constantly evolving. We work in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Rwanda and South Africa and across national borders.


Do you have a question you want to work with us on? We are happy to talk to you. Welcome to Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company.

Principles for our work and learning

Effective cooperation happens when people
consciously choose for and invest in it.
People are at their best when they do
what is important to them
and what they are good at.
Professional growth requires experimentation.
Learning by doing.
Working from existing strengths and talent gives energy.
Learning is personal.
Everyone owns his or her own development.
Listening and watching without
passing judgment creates space.
Curiosity is an art.
Personal responsibility and autonomy
lay the foundation for strong togetherness.
The action lies in the interaction:
energising and connecting conversations
generate movement.

Would you like to know more?

Here are some examples of our projects and an overview of all of us