Using the power of
creativity and curiosity

Change & Innovation

How do I create a breakthrough in tough issues?

Our small innovation has succeeded, how do we scale up to the entire organization?

How do we develop a strong change narrative with everyone?

How do we get from 'thinking' and 'talking' to 'doing'?

How do I find and tap into energy for change?


Change requires space. Space for thinking in terms of possibilities. And for conversations that matter. What do we find important? What do we dream of? What keeps us awake? But also space for experimenting and finding new approaches. Where do you find this space? And how can you set things in motion?


From the here and now

Sometimes change is necessary in the sense of ‘a next step’; moving from 1.0 to 2.0 or beyond. At other times a radical shift is called for; a breakthrough. Whatever the case, it is impossible to start from where you are not. All innovation therefore starts with a joint moment of reflection. Where are we now? What works and what doesn't? And: where do we want to go? What does our desired future look like? And what makes it important to us? The more concrete these images are, the better. An attractive, vivid vision evokes creative tension. A positive sense of urgency. If possible, we involve your clients and other external parties in this reflection process. Because once you start moving, the entire system moves with you. And then it’s helpful to be in the same (change) story.



A desired future can seldomly be approached or implemented in a straightforward way. It is often more effective to move towards it one step at a time, exploring and improvising as you go along. Getting an understanding of why and where the process stagnates, investigating where it already does work, literally doing research with interviews and questionnaires, looking at best practices from others, trying out new approaches.... In these ways, a new practice can be built step by step, together. We design and support these kinds of processes. The right conversational formats and helpful questions free up energy and knowledge from the group and help you go along.


Dealing with uncertainty

Change has an uncertain component. People go from the old and familiar to a future that they don't know, but still have to realise. That requires trust. That's why we pay attention to strengthening the mutual connections. By sharing expectations and stories together and quickly taking concrete first steps. That gives people something to hold on to. And it provides the necessary space: if people are invited to think of alternatives to the present situation, and if there is room for naming obstructions and concerns, pro-activity gets triggered and creativity starts to flow.



Kessels & Smit helps you realise transitions by tapping into strengths and good practices that are already there, and by making small steps ‘contagious'. Whether it is an innovation that you initiate as a leader, improvement ideas that emerge from your team or bigger change efforts that are deployed throughout the organisation. We aim to help you realise a movement in the right direction that is a worthwile step in itself and also lays the foundation for something bigger.

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