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Kopman: health at work

Energy in the workplace

In order to be able to do our job well and stay healthy, it is important to be energized at work - something that, unfortunately, is not self-evident. Organisations are increasingly confronted with issues in this area. Employees feel a shortage of energy or experience an energy leak. 


When thinking about solutions, the emphasis is often on what happens in people's minds, and on the mutual relationships. However, truly building our energy levels requires an integrated approach in which, in addition to the mental and relational aspects, the physical and existential energy of people also is taken into consideration.


With Kopman, which translates as 'leader', but also as 'a very fit athlete', we support organizations to become healthier places to work, live and learn. What does it mean to be healthy and how can we create environments where people flourish?


Our approach

We set up a process that starts with a self-analysis of the organisation with regard to well-being and health. This forms the basis for an integral policy and action plan, with an eye for mental, relational, physical and existential energy. We offer the necessary expertise and support to carry it out. This integrated approach creates a sustainable and effective result.


  1. Self-analysis: On the basis of the Kopman wheel, we map out the distribution of energy in the organisation.
  2. Policy & action plan: A tailor-made action plan with accompanying well-being policy, supported by the organisation.
  3. Execution: Strengthening what is there, setting up what is needed, with the support of a multidisciplinary team.

Involved in this theme

Joep Schuermans
Katrien Massa
Koen Deblonde
Peter Beschuyt
Sofie Hendrikx

Who is kopman?

Kopman is a network initiated by Kessels & Smit. Different professionals from various disciplines come together to support schools, companies and organisations to become healthier places to live and work. As a network, we also connect networks with each other. In this way we can offer support in every aspect of health: from mental health to exercise, nutrition, cooperation and sleep.


Our baseline is Be well. Perform well. Because we believe that it is necessary to be in good shape in order to perform well. And because scientific research confirms it.


You can read more about Kopman and the specific Kopman approach here, in Dutch. Or reach out to one of our consultants for more information

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