Designing and
effective learning

Learning & Development

What is our organisation’s strategic learning agenda?

The work is changing, how do we prepare our staff for this?

How do we stimulate continuous learning of our professionals?

Our leadership needs a boost, how do we design a strong learning programme?

How do I measure the impact of our training programmes?


You, us and everyone: we learn when it matters to us personally. Whoever finds the motivation has the key to learning. That's why we at Kessels & Smit look for the ambitions and dreams that people cherish. What benefits do they see in a change in their work? What makes it important for them to develop? What does the organisation offer to facilitate their learning? What do people grant themselves? Enforcing learning experiences on people is not an option. That's why we create environments that are inviting, challenging and help people learn. That does work.


Tailor-made design

Each learning question varies. That is why our learning programmes are always unique. Nothing 'off the shelf' or ‘more of the same’. We build on what is already there and what is needed within your organisation. A good design doesn't come about at the drawing board. Rather, we design smart and creative solutions together with the people involved, for the specific purpose you have in mind. Whether it's a specific learning programme for a set target group or an organisation-wide learning and development agenda. We prefer to become concrete very quickly. Prototypes help us to make fuzzy ideas explicit and stimulate clear choices.


Learning by doing

New knowledge and (self-)insight are important ingredients for learning; practical theory and working models are useful. But learning also requires doing. Experimenting, trying out new approaches, pushing the boundaries in everyday practice. Followed by individual and collective reflection: what works? What doesn't (yet) work? This interplay by doing and thinking is how people become more proficient and develop new skills and approaches. We support such processes as learning facilitators.


Measurable results

For a long time, learning has been approached unilaterally from a deficit-based perspective. What is a person (as yet) incapable of? Whenever possible, at Kessels & Smit we also like to start from a strength-based perspective. Building on someone’s natural talents t

o develop skills and achieve results on-the-job. Measurable results: because afterward we measure the impact of our interventions. This in turn serves as a springboard for subsequent steps. Whoever said that learning ever stops?

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