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Whether you work as a (strategic) consultant, lead a team or organisation, coach teams or individuals or facilitate development processes: your role is to help others grow, learn or change. Your own development and craftsmanship is essential - after all, you yourself are perhaps your most important instrument. We offer various workshops and courses where you can deepen and share your knowledge and skills. Where you learn from and with each other. We experience this every time: by hosting learning activities for colleagues in the field, we also learn ourselves.

FCE: an independent platform

Many years ago, we founded the Foundation for Corporate Education (FCE): an independent foundation where, together with experts from other organisations and knowledge institutions, we provide learning programmes in the field of learning and change. The aim is to help fellow consultants and designers in their professional development and at the same time advance the profession as a whole. Our learning activities vary from halfday workshops to two-year courses. If you start in a role as an HRD or L&D advisor, you can rely on us for a solid foundation, but if you are an experienced professional, we also have a lot to offer. On themes such as knowledge productivity, narrative change, strengths-based working, HRD consultancy, L&D, Appreciative Inquiry, action research, design thinking and process facilitation. Incidentally, the FCE works on a non-profit basis: the proceeds go to practice-based research. The results of these studies - from small to large aha’s and eureka's - become available to colleagues like you in the form of publications, podcasts and workshops.


A broad group of experienced main- and guest-lecturers deliver the various courses. Passionate colleagues who work as consultants, coaches or researchers. Some of them are associated with Kessels & Smit, but many work for other organisations. That's what makes it a rich group.


Our learning activities

As Kessels & Smit, we also regularly host learning activities to share our knowledge and, at the same time, advance it. These workshops are often one-time-off events, inspired by current trends. That is why we keep them close to home. What the FCE programmes and our own have in common is that you always work in a small group. And we start from the personal learning questions that you and other participants bring to the table. On the basis of theory and experiences that we offer you are invited to design innovative approaches and try them out in your own work practice. Together, we will reflect on your experiments. Just as your supervisors and fellow participants challenge you to deepen your knowledge, you stimulate others from your experiences and perspectives.


How it will benefit you

In the end, you will have brought your learning question to a concrete and applicable answer. You have (herein) gained more personal insight, developed skills and uncovered new truths. The experts and experienced fellow professionals will provide you with practical tools and content frameworks. And you will discover new opportunities to realize impactful and visible interventions within your own workplace. In addition, you will be part of a learning network of fellow professionals: even afterwards, people often continue to learn and share with each other. A network for life.


What participants are saying

'My initial education provided me with a solid theoretical foundation and a structuring view of the world. I wanted to advance my consultancy skills and therefore enrolled in the course. It has paid off in many ways.'
Stefan van Langevelde - independent consultant
'Before I joined the FCE, I was not yet working in the field of learning and development. I had the feeling that it could serve as a springboard. And it did. The course had a huge impact on my professional and personal development.'
Marja Wiegers - Hiemstra & de Vries
'I used to be a trainer pur sang. Now I'm being asked a lot more to facilitate management development. I always bring in the appreciative approach: what are someone's talents? The course was an important source of inspiration for this.'
Andre Swannet - Coca Cola

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