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Societal issues and innovation

Coming up with unusual solutions

The Kessels & Smit consultants work on social innovation by organising special meetings where creative and original solutions can be generated. 
We do this, for instance, by:

  • Contributing towards the solution for an issue that a school, NGO, municipality or health facility might have;
  • Bringing young professionals and the business world together and having them work on innovation and social entrepreneurship;
  • Working ourselves on an issue that is of personal importance to us;
  • Evaluating initiatives in a learning way.

Our motivation

Many people apply themselves towards a goal that lies outside of their self-interest. They organise help and care, and search for kindred spirits with which to collaborate. The Internet and social media make it increasingly easy for them to find one another. In the business world, there is also an interesting development going on. Social enterprises have arisen that strive towards a socially beneficial objective, for example, by using electric taxis or producing ‘slave-free’ chocolate. We want to stimulate the dialogue between different parties in society, which is crucial for social innovation. 

Our contribution

How can we use the 'crowd-sourced wisdom' when solving contemporary problems? By organising meetings where experiential learning can evolve out of participation in particular. Participation makes people smarter and wiser. You get to understand the perspective of others, think of the issue as a whole and come up with solutions that connect all the different interests. We unite people from all walks of life and with different perspectives. People that would not otherwise meet or that would normally have no voice in the issue.

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