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Initiating motion through curiosity

To us, research is a way to gain insights into learning, development and innovation in a way that exceeds one single practice. Furthermore, we use research as a learning intervention on its own. We mainly do applied research, which leads to practical tools or insights for everyday work. We also collaborate with students and knowledge institutions on scientific research in order to develop knowledge that can be generalised. We enjoy approaching our research in a way that does not only make us smarter, but also leads to learning for the people involved. That is why we are not always the ones to come up with the research, perform it and report on it. We just ask the people we work with to play an active role in this process. 

The research we perform can come in many different forms:

  • Action-research where the goal is to work on more involvement in a factory;
  • Practical research to discover where employees of a home-care facility can make a difference;
  • A group of students that examines the impact of learning interventions on customers;
  • A study trip with a group of colleagues to the US;
  • A doctorate research about the role of time in change processes;
  • Group interviews for the dutch CPS into expectations of the Dutch on the EU;
  • Stakeholder research for a government agency.

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