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Active Leadership Journey in the Spanish Pyrenees

1 - 5 October 2019

Being a leader is an adventure. To be able to make a difference, you are your most important instrument. Leadership asks for strength, energy and a clear direction. And also for self-knowledge, reflection and connection. During this five-day journey, we take you along on a reflection process to bring you closer to your strengths. You learn how to fully realise your potential. With a climax of a 24-hour solo in raw nature. The combination of intensive guidance and an inspiring context, leads to new insights, concrete action and sustainable transformation.


For whom?

This is op programme for leaders and professionals, willing to make a change in their organisation. Who are looking for ways to be more powerful and effective. Or who struggle with questions such as:

  • How can I have more impact?
  • How can I feel more energy at work?
  • What can I do to strengthen my leadership?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I show more of myself in collaboration?


What’s in it for me?

By the end of the journey, you’ll have a clearer view on:

  • Who you are: where you come from and who you are as a human being and a professional.
  • What your abilities are: insights in your strengths and how you can put them to work to make a difference.
  • What you want: your drives, your purpose and how to realise it.


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